WoodUBend is actually what it sounds like, wood that you can bend.  Even though our inventory is limited at this time, there are over 3,000 moulding designs that we can order from the home company. You can also custom order large pieces. They are perfect for fixing or repairing furniture that is missing designs or has broken pieces.  You can also change the look of your piece by adding custom items from the WoodUBend product line.  

These products retain the properties of wood as they are 95% real wood.  They can be drilled, cut, glued, sanded, stained and anything else you can do to wood.  They have the one great property missing from wood - they are bendable once exposed to heat.  This allows the items to perfectly conform to furniture or other items when applied.  Simply add the white wood glue and press hard.  You get better adhesion because the wood conforms to the item being pressed onto.